The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and 3R concept

His Majesty’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy emphasizes that the producers or consumers try to produce or consume within the limit or limitation of existing income or resources first. This is the principle in decreasing the dependence and increasing the ability to control the production themselves, thus deceasing the risk from not being able to efficiently control the market system.

The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and 3R decisions and activities must be carried out at a sufficient level depending on two conditions: 

Knowledge: comprising all-round knowledge the relevant fields and prudence in bringing this knowledge into consideration. For example one should have appropriate knowledge in waste segregation in recyclable process.
Virtue: comprising the awareness of honesty as well as a heart to preserve nation’s environment. .

Both conditions will lead to sufficiency economy and 3R concept.

The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and its Three Pillars which resemble to 3R concept
-   Moderation: Sufficiency at a level of not doing something too little or too much or R1 to Reduce and choose the right resources to reduce waste.
-  Reasonableness: The decision concerning the level of sufficiency must be made rationally with consideration of the factors involved and careful anticipation of the outcomes that can refer as R2 to Reuse and R3 to Recycle.
-  Risk Management: The preparation to cope with the likely impact and changes in various environmental aspects.

Zero Baht Shop

Zero Baht Shop established with experience from TIPMSE and 3RFoundation to provide sustainable solution to community waste management. Especially “at-source segregation” which will result in reducing the amount of wastes needed to be disposed from the communities. This leads to reducing living cost, a concept which can be realized that goods can be purchase without money. The first Zero Baht Shop has opened at Onnut 14 Rai Community in Prawet district, Bangkok and will spread nationwide.
Currently, the Zero Baht Shop located in major “3R Learning Centers”
North         : Bann Wang Kong Community,
                    Nan Province Khrueng Manucipality , Chiengrai Province
                    Rai-chun-tawan-vipassana-center, Chiangrai Province
North-East : Udonthani Manucipality, Udon Thani Province
South        : Kuan-dohn community, Sa-dtoon Province
And 3R Network in educational institutions, communities and organization throughout Thailand.