To be the organization in promoting sustainable resources management under  3R  concept which focuses on the participation of all sectors.
  1. Promote the concept of product design and innovation development based on circular economy to reduce waste and increase the recycling rate.
  2. Building collaboration between government, private, public and education sectors to promote effective waste separation and waste management which focus on resources recycling for maximum effectiveness. 
  3. Support and organize activities to develop the knowledge and raise awareness of sustainable resource management.

  1. Dissemination knowledge and understanding in 3R concept and support activities in reduce, reuse, and recycle in all sectors.
  2. Building network of people with common goals in sustainable resources management under the 3R concept.
  3. Business matching between users and innovators who corresponding with the principle of sustainable resources management.
  4. Building collaboration between government, private, and public sectors to push policies and develop legislations that encourage sustainable resources management.
  5. Training services to all sectors in order to strengthen capacity of sustainability resources management.
  6. Other activities in compliance with the objectives of the foundation.
  7. Activities conduct without the influence and promoting of politics.